Wintervacht LONG BLANKET COAT | M €320

€ 320
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Wintervacht LONG BLANKET COAT | L €320

Wintervacht LONG BLANKET COAT | L €320

Wintervacht Army coat Woman M €320

Wintervacht Army coat Woman M €320

Wintervacht LONG BLANKET COAT | M €320

Wintervacht LONG BLANKET COAT | M €320


Draag schaap

Cold and dark winters can make it hard to get out of bed, especially when you are comfortably curled up underneath your favourite blankets. Suffering a winter in a house without heating, designers Yoni and Manon were prompted to create coats and accessories from old blankets and curtains. Colourful coats that would allow you to elegantly leave the house during cold winters, whilst still being wrapped up in your favourite blankets. By creating coats out of existing materials, Wintervacht gives new life to textiles that would otherwise have ended up in the dumpster.


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