Modern Druids - Subscription package

Subscribe to our yearly deodorant package and receive your favourite scent bi-monthly without having to reorder or even think about it yourself. Before your stash runs out you will receive a new one automatically and at a discounted price. What’s not to love? Our 50 ml containers typically last about 8 to 10 weeks. Therefore, we will send you a new container before your current one runs out.  We decided to keep it simple and ship all subscription orders at a fixed time, in the 1st week of the uneven months (so, January, March, May etc.). This means that if you purchase a subscription package on say, March 23rd, you will receive the first container no later than March 26th (as we strive to send out all orders within 2 business days) and will then automatically receive a new container in the first week of May. Got it? Good! Our containers fit through the letterbox, so you won’t have to stay at home. Staying fresh and carefree was never this easy! If you notice you need a new container earlier (or later) than bi-monthly, then please drop us an email and we will work out an alternative rhythm for you.

€ 72,50
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Modern Druids – Subscription package

Modern Druids – Subscription package

Modern Druids – Rosemary’s baby  €12,95

Modern Druids – Rosemary’s baby €12,95

Modern Druids – Purple Haze €12,95

Modern Druids – Purple Haze €12,95

Modern Druids – Mega Minty €12,95

Modern Druids – Mega Minty €12,95

Modern Druids – Lemon Squeezy €12,95

Modern Druids – Lemon Squeezy €12,95

Modern Druids – Original €12,95

Modern Druids – Original €12,95

Modern Druids

Skincare that really cares for your skin

Modern Druids is a young, vegan, Amsterdam-based skincare line. MD strongly believes that you are not just what you eat, but also what you put onto your face, body and hair. Using only pure, natural and organic ingredients, MD produces a cream deodorant that is super-effective yet kind to your skin. A cream that not only keeps you fresh all day, but is also vegan, safe, and free of any chemicals (such as aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens, phthalates) that are potentially harmful to the environment or your health.


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