Granny's finest scarf Koen €59,95

€ 59,95
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Granny’s finest scarf Koen €59,95

Granny’s finest scarf Koen €59,95

Granny’s finest Headband €24,95

Granny’s finest Headband €24,95

Granny’s finest Mijntje €49,95

Granny’s finest Mijntje €49,95

Granny’s Finest

Designed by the new, produced by the best, worn by the greatest

Your favourite scarf, knitted by a granny you have never met. Granny’s Finest makes it possible! This social enterprise bridges the gap between young and old by connecting grannies who have a passion for knitting with young, creative designers. Together they produce high-quality knitwear such as scarves, gloves and hats. Purchases come with a personal message from your granny, whom you can then thank by sending her a personal thank you message.


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