We believe in sharing the wealth of our earth and our resources in a responsible way. That is why we like working together with all the people in the world who want to make a difference. And we want to contribute ourselves too. So, it is with great pleasure that we established the Tiare-Foundation in 2016.


Our mission ‘By connecting brands and people we strive together for a better world’ is also our mission for the Tiare-Foundation. We therefore prefer to choose and create projects in developing countries that connect to our own business: to make it possible for people to produce and sell products made by love for the planet and themselves. Thus enabling people to reach the world and achieve financial freedom.

First project

The very first project we’ve chosen to donate to is the Better Future initiative Buzz India.
Buzz India started from the question ‘how do people come out of poverty’ and focuses on the empowerment of women in rural India. Via a mobile classroom (the Buzz), women have an opportunity to develop financial knowledge, business and leadership skills. The rest is up to them. We like this project because it educates women to start their own business and we have done that just now with


Every year we will donate 15% of our profit to our own Tiare-Foundation. There are of course many initiatives that could do with some help, so if you have any suggestions contact us at


Elisa Cruys

Elisa Cruys

The idea for Tiare arose from several interests that Elisa brought together. In 2016 she launched Tiare and these ideas are being developed further.

From a young age Elisa has seen a great deal of the world and she has always had a sense of wanting to do something for our planet. Fortunately she’s not alone. There are growing numbers of companies and organisations around the world who strive for a better existence for people, animals and nature on our planet. What’s more, she is lucky enough to have many talented and creative people around her. This has resulted in Tiare. Elisa’s goal is to get all of these people to join forces so that together they can help to change the world for the better. By working together we have a greater impact and make our businesses (even) more sustainable with the aim of inspiring more people with her vision.

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