About Tiare

We are an online marketplace for people who like to live their lives in a more conscious way. We inspire, introduce and connect you to the world’s most beautiful handcrafted and honest products. The brands you will find on this website have their own unique stories. We’d love to show them to you.

We believe in sharing the wealth of our earth and our resources in a responsible way. That is why we like working together with all the people in the world who want to make a difference. We believe in and are committed to cooperating with inspiring brands that are conscious of their ecological footprint and focus in their own unique way on giving something back to our planet.

Our mission:

By connecting brands and people we strive together for a better world

Story of Tiare

Tiare has her origins in New Zealand and Tahiti. These cultures are deeply rooted in the brand and can be found in the logo. Our name comes from a little white flower that originates from French Polynesia and represents the symbol of love. Our logo resembles a Koru. This spiral was made by the New Zealand indigenous Maori and it represents the fern frond as it opens, bringing new life and purity to the world. It also represents peace, tranquillity and spirituality along with a strong sense of regrowth or new beginnings. The Koru is often associated with nurturing, so when intertwined with people it represents the strength and purity of a loving family.

The symbolism behind the logo and the name Tiare is reflected in the basic belief that we stand for. We want to (re)connect those in search of a more conscious lifestyle and find ways to enable brands and people to spread love and purity to the planet. In the end, we are all connected and if we collaborate and use our strengths we can positively influence our world.

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Elisa Cruys

Elisa Cruys

The idea for Tiare arose from several interests that Elisa brought together. In 2016 she launched Tiare and these ideas are being developed further.

From a young age Elisa has seen a great deal of the world and she has always had a sense of wanting to do something for our planet. Fortunately she’s not alone. There are growing numbers of companies and organisations around the world who strive for a better existence for people, animals and nature on our planet. What’s more, she is lucky enough to have many talented and creative people around her. This has resulted in Tiare. Elisa’s goal is to get all of these people to join forces so that together they can help to change the world for the better. By working together we have a greater impact and make our businesses (even) more sustainable with the aim of inspiring more people with her vision.

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